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Demolition- Making Way for the Future

Andre Abajian is living almost every little boy’s dream. After all, who hasn’t wanted to demolish a building or a pool? The loud hum of the heavy equipment, the thunderous sounds of the jack hammer and finally the demolition itself, keeps the heart of this second generation contractor pumping.
As a Licensed General Contractor, Andre operates SoCal Removal and is in the process of completing the biggest demolition of his career this August of 2016. In Yorba Linda, SoCal Removal is working with the city and historical societies to salvage and demolish seven units.
Obviously your project will not be of the same magnitude, but there are many instances when you may need to demolish a certain room or addition. If that’s the case, we can help.


Renovate-Rehab-Demolish -What is the Right Call?

Where do you stop? Do you simply reface kitchen cabinets? Or do you demolish the entire kitchen and replace all of the cabinets, counters and appliances?
The question is no different for the bathrooms. Do you just replace the fixtures and the vanity? Or do you update the sink, shower/tub and toilet?
Demolishing a pool, an unpermitted structure, kitchen or bath is not an easy task. It is dirty and physically exhausting. For the inexperienced it is overwhelming. Remember in many instances the demolition means constructing a new room basically from scratch. A task no doubt best served by a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.

SoCal Removal and Pool Demolitions

The purchase of a pool seems like a great idea. As time progresses the novelty is replaced by maintenance costs and its lack of use. SoCal Removal can demolish the pool to make way for the nice patio.
There are numerous permits required and incorrectly filing the documents can lead to the job having to be done twice. Don’t risk the fine or the time by attempting to do it yourself. After all, you wouldn’t build the pool why should you feel confident to safely fill it in?

The Current Owner Is Responsible for Unpermitted Work

The law does not favor the current homeowner who discovers, after the fact, the room addition is not permitted. Basically there are three options-
1. Bring the addition up to code
2. Tear down the addition.
3. Take the Seller to civil court
Well, two out of three isn’t bad. Andre’s Team can definitely determine what needs to be done to insure the addition is up to code. He simply understands the philosophy that there is only one way to perform a construction trade and that is the right one. Should the cost or time involved be prohibitive, SoCal Removal can knock it down! We’ll be there to manage the project all along the way.
Many things can wrong when an inexperienced person attempts to demolish a room or pool. Gas, water, electrical all have to be taken into consideration. One wrong move could realistically lead to fire or water damage. Do you really want that responsibility? Leave it in the hands of someone extremely knowledgeable in construction and demolition. Leave it in the hands of Andre Abajian and SoCal Removal.
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