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What is Sick Building Syndrome?

When people feel sick while in a building and the symptoms go away once they exit the premises the building’s indoor air quality could be making people ill. Sick building syndrome can occur in any

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Recognizing Mold and the Hazards

Recognizing Mold & The Hazards Any mold can be toxic, depending on the concentration and exposure levels. These toxic molds should be properly identified by a certified investigator or indoor

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Fire in Orange County:
How to Go Forward After Losing Your Home or Business

Fire in Orange County: How to Go Forward After Losing Your Home or Business There’s little in life that can compare to the stress of being forced to flee your home or business before a fast-moving

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How to handle Water Damage Flooring Repairs Irvine,CA

Not only is SoCal Removal certified to quickly dry your home or business, they’re a full-service general construction company that will quickly restore your building to better than before

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Water Damage Restoration Clean Up in Mission Viejo, CA: What’s involved and what to expect.

The city of Mission Viejo was incorporated in 1988 and is home to a vast number of residential Home Owner Associations and planned urban developments. SoCal Removal performed emergency mitigation

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SoCal Removal is your dependable insurance restoration general contractor in Irvine, CA

Repairing and cleaning up after a flood, leak or water damage problem is where SoCal Removal has an immense amount of experience.  Whether it entails extracting the water, drying the building or

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