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Bathroom Demolitions Require A Professional-Trust Us

While you may be extremely tired of showering in the old fiberglass enclosure, the thought of a bathroom remodel makes you cringe.  The time and expense can quickly become out of reach without proper knowledge of the entire bath renovation process.  SoCal Removal, a local family business operating in Orange County for decades, has completed hundreds of large and small remodeling projects.  Owner Andre Abajian will personally manage the remodel to insure your bathroom renovation will be completed on time and on budget.

When remodeling the bathroom there are several items which determine schedule and cost.  The vanity/ sink, shower/tub/toilet, and flooring are major considerations.  Andre will help in the decision making process.

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Vanities & Sinks Have A Wide Range of Styles

As with most construction products, vanities and sinks come in a wide range of costs and sizes. Just like cabinets, working through the maze of options is mind blowing.  There are the $125 mass produced vanities you find at the local home improvement stores, and ones that run into the thousands as seen in Houzz.  Which one is best suited for your needs?

Regardless of your finances, Andre will help select the proper vanity and sink. Having established relationships with many distributors, manufacturers and craftsmen, he can help you find the perfect style to make your vision a reality while staying within your budget. SoCal Removal can help you achieve a distinctive renovated bathroom, using customized woodwork and other features a step above the big box store.

Once your selection is made, determining the proper placement for the vanity and sink is critical for a successful bathroom renovation. Moving the vanity from its existing place may require relocating the pipes, which will most definitely require a professional. SoCal Removal is a licensed general contractor and, as such, is well qualified to handle all fixture rearrangements as well as any hazards that may lurk between the walls such as mold.

Demolishing a Shower/ Tub /Toilet Is A Dirty, Demanding Job

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until the dust starts flying and the tiles start hitting the ground. There’s nothing romantic about demolishing bathroom fixtures yourself, especially with limited experience.

When one considers the peace of mind gained from using a licensed contractor the cost seems well worth it. For example, OC estimates labor costs for a bathroom tile demolition to run from $2.60 to $6.42 per square-foot.

Remember, once the bathroom is gutted the bulky, heavy materials must be disposed of, adding approximately $.76 to $.87 per square-foot and bringing the total cost to between $3.37 and $7.30. SoCal Removal and the brand new Ford 450 truck can handle a majority of the hauling needs. If not, Andre has resources to insure the renovation clean-up is properly managed and debris is hauled off without delay.

Estimates vary widely when it comes to installation of a shower but the average cost calculated is $6,000. Remember, this is only for installation and does not cover the cost of shower demolition. Toilet demolition runs from $52.99 to $133.24 for labor plus $20 to $25 for waste disposal.

While taking a sledge hammer to the shower, tub or toilet may be an excellent way to vent, it is not the proper way to demolish your bathroom. You could cause a huge disaster with one improper swing. If you do cause a disaster in your bathroom, you’ll need a remediation expert along with a renovation team.

There are Many Flooring Options but Only One Choice for Bath & Kitchen

As far as Andre is concerned, there are many flooring options for the home but only one for rooms with plumbing. As a certified remediation expert, Andre has seen enough water damage to know when renovating the kitchen and bath, tile flooring is the solution. Tile allows for easy cleanup from water damage and is available at numerous price points. Estimated material cost per square foot is $2 to $7 with an installation cost of approximately $3 per square foot. A bathroom tile floor renovation allows for customization. The sizes, varieties, and colors make innumerable combinations a possibility. Andre has the network to make certain you find the perfect design for your home.

Statistics from 2011-2012 show a bathroom remodel has an average cost of $16,552.  A high-end bathroom renovation during that period ranged in excess of $50,000.  SoCal Removal can renovate your bath whatever your budget.  Andre will be happy to discuss design plans and schedules with you.  For a complete analysis of your bathroom renovation project contact Andre Abajian with SoCal Removal at 949-446-0000.

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